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The Staffing Show is the only podcast that delivers tools, tips, and tactics from the staffing and recruiting industry’s top executives and thought leaders.

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  1. Jared Hummel, President of Parqa Digital Marketing Agency, on Creating a Winning Marketing Strategy

    Are you looking for ways to design a winning digital marketing strategy that drives meaningful revenue growth? In this episode of The Staffing Show, Jared Hummel, president of Parqa Digital Marketing Agency, dives into what it takes for modern staffing firms to create ...


  2. Michal Juhas, President and Founder of Geek Recruiters, on IT Recruitment and Leveraging Technology

    Are you interested in a specialized recruitment strategy for attracting the right IT professionals for your business? On this episode of The Staffing Show, Michal Juhas, president and founder of Geek Recruiters, talks about the benefits of training staffing teams to recruit IT ...


  3. Ed Barrientos, CEO and Chairman of Brazen, on the Future of Remote Work

    Are you wondering how the digitization of business during COVID-19 could impact your work environment going forward? On this episode of The Staffing Show, Ed Barrientos, CEO and chairman of Brazen, shares his experience bringing virtual event engagement into the fields of human ...


  4. Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO of Avionté, on Designing Customer-Centric Workflows

    What does it take to create seamless, end-to-end processes that satisfy the needs of modern staffing agency owners, recruiters, and candidates? In this episode of The Staffing Show, Rishabh Mehrotra of Avionté discusses how technology and a consumer-centric mindset can help you create ...


  5. Heather Moyer, Founder and CEO of HNM Systems, on Entrepreneurship and Leading With Authenticity

    Are you looking to re-evaluate the technology your business is using to better adapt to a post-pandemic world? On this episode of the The Staffing Show, Heather Moyer, president, CEO, and founder of HNM Systems shares her experience creating a successful utility, telecommunications, ...